11.81 . ( The messengers ) said : O Lot! Lo! we are messengers of thy Lord ; they shall not reach thee . So travel with thy people in a part of the night , and let not one of you turn round ( all ) save thy wife . Lo! that which smiteth them will smite her ( also ) . Lo! their tryst is ( for ) the morning . Is not the morning nigh?
11.82 . So when Our commandment came to pass We overthrew ( that township ) and rained upon it stones of clay , one after another ,
11.83 . Marked with fire in the providence of thy Lord ( for the destruction of the wicked ) . And they are never far from the wrong-doers .
11.84 . And unto Midian ( We sent ) their brother Shueyb . He said : O my people! Serve Allah . Ye have no other God save Him! And give not short measure and short weight . Lo! I see you well to do , and lo! I fear for you the doom of a besetting Day .
11.85 . O my people! Give full measure and full weight in justice , and wrong not people in respect of their goods . And do not evil in the earth , causing corruption .
11.86 . That which Allah leaveth with you is better for you if ye are believers ; and I am not a keeper over you .
11.87 . They said : O Shueyb! Doth thy way of prayer command thee that we should forsake that which our fathers ( used to ) worship , or that we ( should leave off ) doing what we will with our own property . Lo! thou are the mild , the guide to right behavior .
11.88 . He said : O my people! Bethink you : if I am ( acting ) on a clear proof from my Lord and He sustaineth me with fair sustenance from Him ( how can I concede aught to you ) ? I desire not to do behind your backs that which I ask you not to do . I desire naught save reform so far as I am able . My welfare is only in Allah . In Him I trust and unto Him I turn ( repentant ) .
11.89 . And , O my people! Let not the schism with me cause you to sin so that there befall you that which befell the folk of Noah and the folk of Hud , and the folk of Salih ; and the folk of Lot are not far off from you .
11.90 . Ask pardon of your Lord and then turn unto Him ( repellent ) . Lo! my Lord is , Merciful , Loving .
11.91 . They said : O Shueyb! We understand not much of that thou tellest , and lo! we do behold thee weak among us . But for thy family , we should have stoned thee , for thou art not strong against us .
11.92 . He said : O my people! Is my family more to be honored by you than Allah? And ye put Him behind you , neglected! Lo! my Lord surroundeth what ye do .
11.93 . And , O my people! Act according to your power , lo , I ( too ) am acting . Ye will soon know on whom there cometh a doom that will abase him , and who it is that lieth . And watch! Lo! I am watcher with you .
11.94 . And when Our commandment came to pass we saved Shueyb and those who believed with Him by a mercy from Us ; and the ( Awful ) Cry seized those who did injustice , and morning found them prostrate in their dwellings .
11.95 . As though they had not dwelt there . A far removal for Midian , even as Thamud had been removed afar!
11.96 . And verily We sent Moses with Our revelations and a clear warrant .
11.97 . Unto Pharaoh and his chiefs , but they did follow the command of Pharaoh , and the command of Pharaoh was no right guide .
11.98 . He will go before his people on the Day of Resurrection and will lead them to the Fire for watering place . Ah , hapless is the watering place ( whither they are ) led .
11.99 . A . curse is made to follow them in the world and on the Day of Resurrection . Hapless is the gift ( that will be ) given ( them ) .
11.100 . That is ( something ) of the tidings of the townships ' ( which were destroyed of old ) . We relate it unto thee ( Muhammad ) . Some of them are standing and some ( already ) reaped .
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